A significant part of my practice involves helping schools redesign their spaces especially classrooms and libraries. These efforts generally focus on developing a set of spatial design drivers that provide the framework for design as well as developing recommendations and strategies associated with the spatial improvement. I also have the capacity to continue the design process to the concept design stage which results in visual representations of spaces based on the the design drivers. These representations can inform an architect as part of a larger design process.

This page presents my spatial design work, done in partnership with Jason Meyering Architecture of Chicago, IL.

The Ursuline School, New Rochelle, New York

This project featured the redesign of a single classroom to support project-based learning. Furniture partner: KI.

Evergreen School District, Vancouver, Washington

This project supported a learning spaces pilot program associated with personalized learning, the redesign of classrooms, libraries, and the design of spatial elements of a new elementary school design. Furniture partners: Smith System, Steelcase, KI, Mein, VS, Norva Nivel and Fleetwood.

Lincoln School, San Jose, Costa Rica

This project supported a learning spaces pilot program and the redesign of the second floor of a large library to support entrepreneurialism. Furniture partners: Steelcase, Smith System, KI, Norva Nivel, and VS.

Pope John Paul School, Kenora, Ontario

This project supported the redesign of an elementary school library. The space was designed to support reconfigurable “pop-up” spaces that could support multiple identities (classroom, makerspace, performance and gallery) on-demand, along with a core perimeter set of spaces that remain constant.