Understanding the Landscape of School

This webinar provides an introduction to the current landscape of school, explores the challenges to traditional thinking about educational practice, and addresses how the world beyond school potentially impacts the design of the educational experience and education?s ability to meet the need for the development of a contemporary education.

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A Shifting Notion of What It Means to be Well-Educated

This webinar explores what it means to be a learner and helps participants explore the skills and dispositions of a person who is well-educated. The program will be grounded by the concept of literacy and how literacy is shifting in response to changes in today?s world.

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Disrupting School: change, Improvement, Innovation, and Invention

This webinar will help participants understand organizational change efforts in education, educations ability (and inability) to engage in effective change, and how to support and create conditions for innovative thought and practice with clients.


Developing Learning Spaces as a Connective Ecology

This webinar addresses a series of provocations associated with contemporary spatial design and creating spaces that promote connections, productive interaction, and the development of community and belonging.


The Biology of Classroom Design

This webinar provides participants with a background of the biology (color, posture, movement, cognitive load theory) associated with learning space design.


New Directions in Education (Part 1)

This webinar explores the complex landscape of the potential educational directions available to schools today (e.g. personalized learning, competency-based learning, and active learning, among others.


New Directions in Education (Part 2)

This webinar continues the discussion from Webinar 6 and builds upon it to discuss other educational directions such as the Maker/Tinker/Design/Coding/STEAM movement, entrepreneurialism, and Esports.