Process Resources

1.  Download the Agenda

2.  Download the Design Driver Graphic Doc:  for taking notes.  Will ask you do make a copy.

3. Download the Design Guide with playbook requirements


Ethnography/Google Keep

4.  Download Getting Started with Keep:  How to use Google Keep for the prototype experience

5.  Read:  What do we need to think about?


The Third Teacher flashcards.

A Guide Planning for Assessing 21st Century Spaces for 21st Century Learners | Learning Spaces Collaboratory

Assessment Rubric for Learning Spaces | Learning Spaces Collaboratory

Assessing Learning Spaces | Educause

Active Learning Spaces | Steelcase  (see page 9, Tips for Classrooms, great design ideas around pedagogy, technology, and space.)

Bodies in Motion.  Brains in Motion | VS

Agile Classroom (video) | Bretford

Active Learning Spaces Resources | K12 Blueprint