Any expedition begins with an invitation.

It's the entrance, the opportunity to step across the threshold into something new that sets the stage for everything to follow.

In the design work I do, I want to provide that invitation and the pathway of experiences that can help you shape a new story for your organization.

Changing how organizations function is a challenge.  Ultimately, the invitation, and the process that follows, should enable compelling shifts that lead to the creation of a new organizational mindset.

In the engagements I design, I seek to support you in creating deep organizational change by helping you create those shifts.  That takes time and effort of course, and is predicated on an inclusive process that supports and engages, pushes when necessary, and challenges people to think and act beyond the constraints of their current conditions and culture.  Creating a new organizational mindset means creating a new lens and worldview that is broader and sees differently, crafting a language capable of supporting that capacity, and growing a membership that possesses the skills and dispositions that support an ever-evolving capacity to grow and improve in a world that absolutely demands it.  

How we write that story together is what I am interested in.   How we create the conditions for making a difference is the challenge. How we do this together is the opportunity ahead.

Presentation Services:  In addition to design services, I do keynotes, spotlights, workshops and breakout sessions for conferences, schools and school district events.  Here are my scheduled upcoming events:

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Next up:  A full day of learning space professional development working with Brookfield LaGrange Park School District 95 in Brookfield, Illinois

New Project Announcement: The Threshold Design Institute

David Jakes Designs LLC is proud to partner with The WONDER Project, Mr. Brian Hamm, and The Tri-Association (The Association of American Schools Of Central America, Colombia - Caribbean and Mexico) to launch the Threshold Design Insititute at the 38th Annual TriA Educator’s Conference in Monterrey, Mexico in September. The Institute’s mission is to support the development of design capacity in Latin America by working with ten member schools through a blended approach. Each school team will bring a design opportunity to the Institute and spend a year immersed in the design process building solutions. You can learn more about the institute at Follow the Institute on Twitter at @designthreshold.


Featured Client: Lincoln School, San Jose, Costa Rica

David Jakes Designs LLC is working with Lincoln School in San Jose to redesign the second floor of the library into an Entrepreneur Center. DJD is also designing a learning spaces pilot program for them that features changes to K-12 learning spaces as well as a new STEM facility. The various designs will help Lincoln continue to develop their educational programs focusing on design thinking, project-based learning, and entrepreneurism.



“This past year, I’ve traveled the globe, presented to thousands of educational leaders, and hosted over 57 schools/organizations to our school, and one topic of discussion always comes up, “David Jakes!” There are an abundance of educational consultants that claim to enhance school organizations, and then there is David Jakes, who actually does. If you’re ready to create an experience unlike any other for your students, staff, and school community, then David Jakes is your champion to make that experience a reality.”
— Glenn Robbins, Superintendent, Tabernacle Township Schools, Tabernacle, NJ #thenacle