Going Beyond the Cafegymnatorium

A great ideation technique that can be used to drive innovation is to collide two disparate ideas to see where the trajectory takes you. This technique can be used with different types of spaces to create some exciting outcomes. For instance, here's Upstairs Circus, a collision of a DIY makerspace and bar, a combination of two very different spaces, that looks pretty intriguing and fun. Here's another unique combination - the Assemblage John Street in New York City - that combines a hotel and a co-working location. My favorite example of this type of design is the Lassonde Studio at the University of Utah, which combines a dormitory with an entrepreneurial institute. All three are terrific examples of a bold and fresh approach to the design of hybrid spaces that creates something unexpected and interesting. Beyond the legendary cafegymnatorium of American elementary schools, I wonder what a thoughtful and intentional collision of two or more spaces in schools could yield?