David Jakes (@djakes) is not only one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, he’s also an amazingly knowledgeable and articulate educator with fantastic insights into the design and redesign of learning spaces. If you or your organization are interested in designing or re-designing learning spaces, or you are looking for a fantastic conference/event speaker on learning spaces, David Jakes is the educational consultant you need to invite over.
— Wes Fryer

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I rarely give the same presentation twice.  It is my belief that a presentation should be uniquely shaped to each client's need.  Please expect that I will work with you to reshape any of the keynote presentations listed below to intimately scale them to your experience.  Should you wish to have a unique keynote for your event, I would be glad to create a new presentation for your event.


Expeditions, Journeys, Wonder and Curiosity

How imaginative is school?  What kinds of bid ideas come from education that transform what school is and does?  Does education have the capacity to generate its own bold and audacious ideas?  Does education, as an institution, have the capacity to wonder, to innovate and to take on a new expeditions, one in which the outcome is possibly is not known?  How will educators write the invitation to that expedition?  Isn't it time to finally write that invitation?

During the conference, take time to explore these questions.  By yourself. With others.  Challenge yourself to develop your own call to action, and to purposefully rekindle a spirit of wonder about what you do, what's possible, and how to realize it.  It's time to write a new manifesto for learning, one that is actionable, and one that makes a difference in the education of students.  This presentation seeks to encourage you to do just that, to be curious to go on a new journey, to wonder, and to take that next great expedition that will make all the difference.

Learning at the Speed of Technology

Our students have access to remarkable technology.   From smartphones to everything Google, how technology is leveraged to support student learning is a question every school and teacher must address.  Join David Jakes as he explores the dynamic nature of technology and helps you understand the tools and trends that are reshaping what it means to be a learner in a learning landscape always in perpetual beta.  We’ll explore where learning is headed, and the boundless conditions that students have before them to craft their own learning expedition, and the role that technology has in empowering that journey.  Most importantly, see how schools can prepare students for the opportunity of possibility.

Renewing the Imagination of Schools and Learning

It is more important now than ever for schools to celebrate their work and tell their stories.  More importantly, it is a time to create new stories, in a new language, one based in imagination, promise and in what learning and schools can and should be.  We'll start that story by looking inside schools to understand the current reality of education, and then examine how opportunities for learning, as well as learners themselves, are changing in extraordinary ways.  We'll then explore how these disruptive changes influence schools, and how school design professionals can support a new vision for schools and for learning.

The Six Factors of Sticky

The world, and especially technology, is in perpetual beta.  New, innovative tools and resources emerge daily, and its difficult - if not impossible- to keep up.  Yet many of these innovations have meaning for schools and student learning and can make a difference for kids.  But how does that mean more than just a few isolated classrooms in a school?  How does an innovation become something that improves the entire organization?  How does it become the way?  In this keynote, I explore seven factors that will increase the likelihood that new technologies stick, become something valuable for the entire organization, and make a difference for kids.

A Roadmap for Creating Inspiring Spaces

Creating new spaces for learning requires a thoughtful and intentional process that ensures that the spaces created contribute to an engaging and empowering student learning experience.  In this session, learn the strategies required for the design and development of future ready learning spaces.  We'll explore techniques for planning, prototyping, implementing, and evaluating new learning spaces.  Leave with the session with a comprehensive road map that can be used to develop inspiring spaces for your school, teachers, and students.

Reimagining the Spaces in Which We Learn

It's not hard to recognize the typical "classroom."  They haven't changed much.  And while we can honor all the learning that has taken place in that space, there is more to understand about how spaces can be designed to create environments that serve learners in 2016 and beyond. Today, students have an opportunity to learn within an ever-expanding learning space, on that is filled with opportunities seek a personalized approach to learning and learning that is free from the constraints of time, space and place.  Join David jakes as we re-vision the intersection of space and learning, and build a new new understanding about how learning institutions can create exciting and transformative physical and virtual spaces that afford students choice and ownership of their learning.

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