I can help you create spaces that matter...

Creating new spaces for learning means developing designs rooted in the student learning experience, prototyping those designs, evaluating them, and then iterating the design to reach the solution that matches your expectations.  It also means helping teachers understand how to use new spaces to craft new experiences for students as well as help them to understand how students can employ space on their own to support their learning.  Creating new or remodeled spaces changes the dynamic of what is possible for learning, and a comprehensive program that features design, prototyping, evaluation and professional development will maximize your investment.  If you are considering new spaces for learning, I can provide assistance in a number of ways and help you develop a new culture of learning that creating new spaces can inspire!


  • visioning to support the design/redesign project

  • furniture and finishes support

  • pilot experience planning

  • post-occupancy research

  • professional development for teachers

  • concept design for spaces

  • specializing in classrooms and libraies

Example:  Deer Path Middle School, Haskins Library

Creating next-generation learning spaces means focusing on learning experience first, things second...
— David Jakes