Provide an educator's lens to the work of your architecture partner

As a member of a national architecture studio with educational experience, I developed the understanding of how to work with architects to get the best design possible.  I can provide assistance with the front-end discovery/ethnography work required to understand your needs, especially those around the student learning experience you desire.  I can ask more nuanced questions, interpret responses differently, and provide your architect with more specific information and insights about education.  By having experience in both professions (architecture and education), I can serve as a "translator" between your school community and your design firm.  The end result - a more effective spatial design for teaching and learning.

Example:   Northbrook/Glenview District 30

@djakes @ARCONAssociates Thank you, David! You continue to rock at illuminating how our facility vision can enhance our educational vision.
— Dr. Brian Wegley