12 Strategies (plus bonus) on hacking and redesigning spaces


Images of Classrooms from Around the World | Julian Germain, Classroom Portraits

Classroom Redesign:  Hack, Prototype and Design

Classroom Redesign:  Creating 21st Century Spaces

The Strategies:

1.  Develop a new mindset and lens to see space.

2.  Immerse yourself in resources

3.  Focus on experience, not things

4.  Do a learning space inventory

5.  Create a multidimensional space

6.  Declutter

7.  Create a classroom that is writeable

8.  Promote movement and activity

9.  Add color

10.  Design with digital in mind

11.  Get off site

12.  Document, assess and share

13.  What not to do:  

  • Design intellectual spaces for learning, not a living room.

  • No drapes: ignite easily in a fire

  • No couches: health issues (lice) and posture, fire hazard

  • Furniture from a large Swedish manufacturer: not fired rated, no suitable for sustained classroom use.

Furniture Companies

Wall Treatments

General Resources:

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4 Lessons the Classroom Can Learn from the Design Studio | Steve Turkes and Melanie Kahl

8 Tips and Tricks to Redesign Your Classroom | David Bill

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