10 Strategies for Improving the Classroom Spaces of Your School, International Society for Technology in Education Conference, San Antonio, TX.


The Third Teacher | 79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching and Learning

The Third Teacher Flashcards | the basics, download the pdf of all 79 ideasthir

Images of Classrooms from Around the World | Julian Germain, Classroom Portraits

National (US) Summit on School Design | American Architecture Foundation

Make Space | How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration

Remake Space Videos | The Third Teacher and Edutopia

Designing Spaces for Effective Learning: A Guide to 21st Century Space Design | JISC

Leading the Transition from Classroom to Learning Space | NLII White Paper

Active Learning Spaces | Steelcase

Hillbrook iLab | Bretford

Bodies in Motion Brains in Motion | VS Furniture, how movement promotes both physical development and academic progress

Learning Space Toolkit | Roadmap, space types, technology, needs assessment, and integration

The LSC Guide:  Planning for Assessing 21st Century Sapces for 21st Century Learner | Comprehensive Guide to assessing spaces

A Toolkit for Planning a Digital Altlier

Lovett Playbook #1

Lovett Playbook #2

Furniture Companies

Workshop Documents

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A Guide Planning for Assessing 21st Century Spaces for 21st Century Learners | Learning Spaces Collaboratory

Assessment Rubric for Learning Spaces | Learning Spaces Collaboratory

Assessing Learning Spaces | Educause

Active Learning Spaces | Steelcase  (see page 9, Tips for Classrooms, great design ideas around pedagogy, technology, and space.)

Agile Classroom (video) | Bretford

Active Learning Spaces Resources | K12 Blueprint