Follow this sequence to create your 6 Slide Story.

  1. Write a 6 word story:  The future of learning is....
  2. Using your 6 Word Story enter that as your first line...The future of learning is... ask your table partners to contribute by altering your original and adding their ideas.  Try and get three other contributions.  NOTE:  creating a statement longer than 6 words during this process is acceptable). This is an example of a remix (creating an alternative version of the original.)
  3. Go to Recite.  Take your original statement or the remix and create a Recite image. (Mashup)  Download that image.
  4. Download a set of images to work with from Gratisography  
  5. Add to your story by composing 5 simple statements that explain the future of learning and that build off or your first statement.  Do this by selecting images from the pool you just downloaded that work for your story.  Get creative!
  6. Create two more images in Adobe Spark.  This requires an Adobe account.  Use the Post feature and then select slide.  Do two more of your statements from your story and download.  
  7. At this point, you should now have three images with statements
  8. Go to Canva and get a Canva account.
  9. Create 3 images in Canva.  Download the set.
  10. You should have a total of 6 images, 1 from Recite, 2 from Spark, and 3 from Canva.
  11. Return to Adobe Spark and create a Spark Video assembling these into a 6 Slide Story (now a mashup or combination of different works together.)