Educon 2.9,  Philadelphia, PA

Project Goal:  Develop a conversation (1.5 hour conversational presentation) around the language of learning space design, and another focusing on the process of ideation and getting better at building ideas.

Description:  This conference is held at the Science Leadership Academy every January.  The goal of the conference is to immerse participants in discussions about the questions that must be asked to improve education.

What's Interesting?   What is the value in developing a shared and common language and how is that absolutely critical for school improvement? How does language influence how we communicate about space?  And, what are the implications for spatial design? 

If ideas are the raw fuel for innovation, how can teachers, and schools, improve how they develop ideas?  How can collaborative interaction be structured so that it improves the likelihood of productive ideation?  What are the techniques for creating ideas?

Watch The Language of Learning Space Design: