Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora IL

Project Goal:  Provide a design foundation for a three day event focused on making and entrepreneurship. 

Description:   I worked with a group of educators to introduce them to the process of design.  The morning focused on immersing them in a series of design charettes that introduced them the elements of design.  In the afternoon, a provocation was provided to the participants that required them to apply new skills to a real issues facing the Math and Science Academy, which was to redesign the invitation into the building and the front desk and security area.

What's Interesting?  How do you develop a design mind?  How can design be used as a pedagogical foundation for inquiry but also serve organizational change?  How does rapid iteration and prototyping eventually promote the development of a solution?  What is the role of failure vs. course correction in the process?  How might we recreate the invitation into the school so people are immersed in the experience of the school?